Filming for the Season Finale of “M for Magic”

I wrote about the first 3 days of the filming of “M for Magic” previously here.

The series is an independent magic program featuring the future in local magic (youth talents) brought to you by J C Sum & Magic Babe Ning, Fly Entertainment and Sinema TV. It will air on a new Internet TV portal that will be launched in Jun 2011.

After our 8 hour shoot at the zoo, we headed down to Tanjong Pagar to Irene Ang’s restaurant, Qafe, for the filming of the finale episode of “M for Magic”.

In the season finale, no young magicians are featured but Ning and I performed for Irene (lady boss of FLY Entertainment and media entertainment guru, “Rosie” on Phua Chu Kang) and FLY artistes Pamelyn Chee, Bobby Tonelli, Crispian Chan and Carolyn Cheong.

It was a fantastic wrap up for the series and we worked hard to create a unique series of magic effects that we think both mainstream audiences and magic fans will enjoy.

A large group of patrons also got a nice bonus as we performed for them for cutaway shots. I performed my Silver Teleportation coin routine and Ning presented the next evolution of a new act which she has been working on the past couple of weeks. However, she has now upgraded to a solid stainless steel drill bit! It was tickling to see grown men squirming in their seats.

The finale routine we created for the show has been a labour of love for us and it is something we always wanted to do for a tv project.

Originally, we had considered to use this routine for our 3D TV show but the locations did not allow for it and more importantly the limitations in 3D TV filming do not allow for this to be filmed effectively.

When “M for Magic” came along, we knew that we wanted to include it into the show. We spent weeks designing and rehearsing the routine and we nailed it live for Irene and gang in one take!

We also previewed the raw footage of our routine and it is “sick”! It is a multi-phase routine involving borrowed rings with multiple moments of visual magic. We can’t wait to see if edited and online as well as all the other episodes of “M for Magic” featuring the 14 other magicians!

Check out the full behind the scenes photo album on our Facebook page. “Like” the page for the latest photos and news as well as another contest we are going to hold soon!


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