The Bus Vanish Mega Illusion

Today was probably the toughest day of our 3D TV magic special for a single segment and illusion.

We started early at 7am at the Singapore F1 Pit Building at Marina Bay. The day was dedicated to our Bus Vanish Mega Illusion, the finale of the TV special.

As you can imagine, this is a really difficult feat. To pull off any mega illusion is a challenge. Working with a large inanimate object like a bus is not something you see all the time. There are only a handful of illusionists in the world that perform such large scale illusions.

This bus was quite a massive vehicle. It measures 12m x 3m x 4m high and weighs 13 .5tonnes. As I blogged previously, this is a mega illusion I had designed some time ago and finally have the opportunity to showcase it. However, the uncontrollable outdoor enviroment did not allow me to use the exact method that I intended. But, I was prepared for that and had a plan B that worked just as well… if not, maybe even better.

The weather made it a very challenging shoot and mega illusion to execute. It was shining hot in the morning and then rained throughout the day. Numerous adjustments were made to make the illusion work.

The set-up required a large open space so that the area around the bus was vast and the camera set-up is such that there is where that the bus could drive off to or “hide” without being seen!

As you will see in the final product, we successfully vanished the bus in real time and live, without any camera edits, CGI or post production “magic”. The enitre mega illusion was captured using one continous camera shot from the time we exited the full-sized bus to the point we vanished it.

Check out the full behind the scenes photo album on our Facebook page. “Like” the page for the latest photos and news as well as another contest we are going to hold soon!


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