Filming a Fantasy Sequence for 3D TV

Today’s shoot for our 3D TV magic special was a truly different one. As part of the writer’s vision, this is a fantasy sequence that is a back story to a music video type segment in the show.

We shot the scene in an unused warehouse that gave the perfect backdrop to the grungy urban sequence. The segment sees me escape from a cage of spikes while ‘Magic Babe’ battles an “army’ of bad guys! Sounds wild right? It is not a traditional magic sequence per say but is shot to look stylish and highlight the band that will be featuring their song for the music video.

Ning looked stunning as always in the costume she donned for the “Urban Circus” show last year. She lived her fantasy of kicking ass with her sais and being a superhero ninja! This is going to look so good in 3D, especially her flying daggers!

The cage of spikes that I escape from might seem familiar. Although not originally designed for this TV show, I created a new mega escape that is modified from Ning’s “Impalement Cage” mega escape. While the TV show will not feature the new escape in its entirety, it will be a central prop in the scene and I’m the one escaping from it. The entire restraint system is completely different from Ning’s original escape. The actual new mega escape will be featured in a special event down the road.

The new cage is a beast and this is not even the full envisioned set-up. The team did a fantastic job modifying the prop. Several clients have expressed interest in this new mega stunt so I hope that I get to stage it at least once. It will be a blast… literally!

Check out the full behind the scenes photo album on our Facebook page. “Like” the page for the latest photos and news as well as another contest we are going to hold soon!


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