Speaking on Creativity at TEDxNTU

On 26 Mar 2011, Sat, I will be one of the speakers at TEDxNTU. I also just found out I will be closing the event. This is an independently organized TED event that promotes the sharing of ideas around the world. Here is the description of TEDxNTU from the official website:

“About TEDxNTU
x= independently organized event

TED is a group of the world’s most creative and inspiring thinkers. By forming a similar community at Nanyang Technological University, we hope to congregate innovative and socially conscious students and guests who are committed to changing the society for better. This is a unique opportunity for NTU to showcase itself as a global University and take pride in its multicultural diversity.

Through the event, we wish to expose potential change-makers in the NTU community to innovative speakers so that they can step into the world with dreams that matter, ideas that can change the world and a renewed power to follow their ambitions.”

This is a great opportunity to share my thoughts on creativity and my work with a mainstream audience. The talk is entitled “Behind the Magic: The Value of Being Different”. I have been working on and off on the talk in between our TV work and regular shows. I think it will be different from any of the other TEDxNTU speakers 🙂

I’ve spoken on creativity before and faciliated creativity workshops for corporate organizations but did not have the time to do more due to primary work commitments. However, this is a great platform to get back on the wagon.

If you cannot attend the event, all talks will be streamed live at www.tedxntu.com The talks will also be made online for free subsequently.


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