Behind the Scenes of 3D TV Magic Special

The last two days saw Ning & I begin filming the main content of the brand new 3D TV show that we are starring in and hosting. The show will feature our magic & illusions as well as iconic locations, arts & culture in Singapore.

So far we have filmed scenes and segments at Marina Bay Sands, China Town, Emerlad Hill, China Town and the Singapore River. Friday was an intensive shoot that started at 630am almost 13 hours later.

The last two days have been focused on opening sequences, bumper shots and links. While we have done some magic, we have not filmed our main magic content yet. So far, the footage looks great. Specially, a tracking shot that is designed for the intro of the show shot early in the morning at Marina Bay Sands. Everyone who has what that clipped agreed it is beautifully shot and introduces us in a highly stylish way. The iconic city skyline and our wardrobe really convey the distinct urban illusions style in modern Singapore. It was a “wow” sequence!

We also shot footage with us riding n the Hippo Bus Tour. I have never actually taken the tour although we see the bus on the roads all the time. Ning declared it was the first time she was going “topless”… yeah right… first time! It really is a very great way for tourists to see the heart of Singapore in a relatively short time. I highly recommended to all overseas friends who visit Singapore. We did a couple of links as well as magic effects on the bus as we drove through the heart of Singapore.

The rest of our shoot dates are virtually every alternative day. This gives us time for one team to work on the fabrication of custom props and equipment, including our Bus Vanish Mega Illusion.

Check out the full behind the scenes photo album on our Facebook page. “Like” the page for the latest photos and news as well as another contest we are going to hold soon!

I’ve got to mention that this is the biggest crew we have worked with for an out-of-studio TV show. The crew size is about 12 – 15 people. But, it is also the most professional crew that we have worked with. Everyone is great at what they do and that is why, even though there are multiple locations and shots to shoot, we are always on time and schedule. We are literally being pampered with this shoot and it is great as it allows us to work on our script and the technical aspects of our magic content.

We met lots of friends and industry partners at various locations during our filming. Thanks for coming up to say hi. We have also been recommending different industry friends to make appearances on the show. Thanks in advance to everyone for helping out!

This coming Mon, 7 Mar, we are filming at Little India during the day but at 7pm, come by Haji Lane, next to Arab Street as we will be shooting a segment that highlights underground arts & urban culture. Ning will also be presenting a brand new illusion using a drill.

Cya there!


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