Upcoming Projects 2011

Tokeep you up to date on our latest projects, here is a run down of all the stuff that has been going on:

Stuff for TV

These two months seem to be filled with filming and TV projects. Last month, we filmed different segments at Little India and Chingay for a new show in the pipeline. It is not a magic show per say but it is a TV show that has allowed Ning & I to work on a new skillset; plus we do get to do our magic as well.

After productions meetings next week, I should be able to detail this project that we have been in discussions with since last Oct. We will begin an intensive multi-day show from the end of next week.

This weekend, we are filming for another series that introduces young Singapore magicians. Ning & I are the hosts of the show and perform some magic at the start of each episode. I also serve as magic producer/ director for the show.

Last week, I revealed the logo of “Behind the Illusions”, a groundbreaking project for the international magic community. This will be complemented by another release, produced and distributed by our US partner. I can’t say more about it yet but annoucements will be made very soon.

New Public Live Show

I’m excited with a brand new live public show that will be staged in May 2011. This is truly going to be a unique multi-sensory production and nothing like this has ever been done before in this part of the world. I’m working with a great organization and venue to perform in a run of ticketed shows. More on this in the weeks to come.

The above projects will also allow me to showcase a lot of close-up illusion material that I have constantly been developing on the side, almost as a hobby.  I’ve developed a number of original presentations and handlings for close-up material but as my work is mainly in illusions, it has kind of overshadowed my close-up work.

Other Stuff

Ning & I were invited to make celebrity guest appearances on a new game for on MediaCorp TV. Unfortunately, Ning will be out of the country during the filming period at the end of March so I will take that solo.

I’m also thrilled that I have been invited to speak at an international forum, non magic. I hope that this gets locked down as it will be a great experience and I’m thinking of a unique presentation to share.

Last week, before a corporate show, I had a chance to meet up with Paul Romhany and Anders Hansen. Paul is a well known professional entertainer who besides performing a stand up act also performs one of the best Charlie Chaplin acts in the world. He was working onboard a cruiseship that stopped over in Singapore.

Anders is also professional magician who was originally in Denmark and is now based in Miami. We had a great lunch together and later that night, Anders dropped by our show. He has co-created a tremendous version of the substitution trunk illusion using a see-through trunk so he was thrilled to see our version in “Crystal Metamorphosis” in the show that night.

Check out a performance in did on live TV recently. It is really good, especially after learning that everything was put together in a week!

Check with more updates real soon!


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