First Day of Shoot for New Magic TV Series

It has been a packed two weeks with a few time-consuming projects on our plate on top of our bread and butter shows. I’ve been working on an entry to update readers on all my upcoming projects but have not had the time to complete it. I will try to get it out very soon!

Today, Ning & I did a full day shoot for our content as hosts of a new magic series that will introduce 14 young Singapore magicians to the world!

We showcased quite a bit of new material that we have never filmed before. I created a handful of routines for a project just like this so it is great to have the platform to present the material.

Our illusion workshop churned out quite a few custom small props for this show and I’m actually quite impressed with the stuff we are producing. We are so used to fabricating big stuff that I almost did not realize that we naturally can produce smaller apparatus.

I’m really proud of Ning who presented two new pieces. One was chosen just for this show but the other is a new act that will be featured in her “Deadly Sexy Magic” One Gal Show. I will not give any spoilers here but the educated reader might be able to guess what it is by the photos. I should add that this is not the actual presentation used in the live show but a very streamlined one made for TV.

Weeks, days and hours of developement goes behind the creation of even a seemingly simple routine as well as the subsequent practice and rehearsal. We were happy with the content we shot and think the show will look and feel different.

Over the weekend, I will act as magic producer/ director for the shoots for all 13 magicians as they will perform for Singaporeans as well as Irene Ang’s FLY Entertainment artistes.

In a couple of weeks, Ning & I will film the season finale and have planned a killer episode for that! Stay tuned for more details on this show and another TV project that seems to be going underway.


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