Filming for another TV Project at Chingay Parade 2011

Since Oct/ Nov 2010, we have been working on a new TV project. It is something completely different from what we have done before but is an area we have been looking at for some time.

Besides the nature of the project, the technology of the project is also new and will represent a first of its kind in Singapore and one of the first in the world.

Today’s shoot brought us to the annual Chingay Parade, an integral part of the nation’s Chinese New Year Celebrations. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve attended the Parade live in its 30+ year history and it was touted to be the grandest.

I thought it was pretty awesome and kudos to the producers, performers, technicians and volunteers who obviously put a ton of effort into making it a successful parade.

While there were the necessary traditional elements and almost expectant imagery, the producers did a great job modernizing these elements such as the twin helium dragons accompained by a great music soundtrack mix and traditional floats.

They even threw in completely unexpected but welcomed appearances by a horde of Harley Davidson riders, a troop of Storm Troopers led by Darth Vader, Metal Robots on stilts complete with pyro wheels on their backs and cheer leaders. Mass dance displays allowed volunteers from different People’s Association (PA) related groups to be part of the Parade.

Ning & I with Adeline worked with the production team to film segments throughout the parade. We received the final script just the day before so had little time to work through it but I think we pulled it off!

Throughout the timing we were filming, we met lots of fans, industry friends and people who recognized us. Everyone thought we were performing for the Chingay… or wondering what TV show we were performing for!

The shoot got us right into the parade past the barricades.

While we have started with initial shoots for this project, there are still some formalities that need to be settled before we can go into principal photography and full-fledged filming.

We will keep our fingers crossed and hope to announce this soon.


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