Recent Media Sightings

Much has been happening this past week but I have been too busy to blog so will try to run down all the things in the next few entries.

We are pictured in this week’s 8 Days magazine where we were among the personalities invited for the M:Idea Youth Awards organized by Ngee Ann Polytechnic. This was also the event where were awarded with a “Special Recognition Award for Contributions to the Media & Arts Community”.

We are also highlighted in another media feature in Designare magazine for a corporate gig we did in Dec 2010 so that was a nice surprise!

On the second day of Chinese News Year, Ning & I both received a call from a reporter from Shin Min Daily to give our opinion of the “exposure” of illusion acts in a popular CTV China Chinese New Year Eve variety show. I gave my comments on the behalf of both of us.

The personalities performed an illusion known as the “Backstage Illusion” which is a plot in magic that is known as a “sucker” effect. It involves them apparently revealing how an act is done but it proves to be a “sucker” as there is a surprise twist that the audience does not see coming. For some reason, there was an “uproar” in China for the exposure and the segment received a lot of criticism.

I gave my take on the segment and personally am quite suprised that the sucker element was lost on the audience. But, I must add that this type of presentation does take some level of skill and experience to pull off effectively and clearly. One the one hand, the audience must believe you are teaching them how an act is done but in the end, they must realize that it was a ploy all along. I suspect the personalities performing the act did not have the experience to handle such a presentation.

If you are interested, here is Hans Klok and Sittah presenting the exact same illusion in “Champions of Magic”, a TV special produced by the late-Gary Ouellet 15 years ago. It is in the middle of the clip.

Thanks to the reporter for looking to us for our opinion for all things magic!

Thanks to JS for giving us a heads up for all our recent media sightings! 🙂


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One Response to Recent Media Sightings

  1. yin howe says:

    Why do ppl make such a big deal about a sucker “exposure”, but there is no mention about the suspension gimmick (which is an idea from a Magician)?!?!?!?! Stupid..

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