Groundbreaking Magic Project for Magicians to be Announced

We are in the final stages of completing two of several magic projects for the international magic community. It was not something we had planned to do originally but since we were approached last year and recently concluded negotiations, we will be moving ahead with them.

One of the projects has been in the works for the past 2 years and was originally scheduled for release later this year. But our partner in the US negotiated with us to accelerate the project so it will be released in Mar 2011 along with another at the same time. Their support behind us has been incredible and we think this has potential to be pretty huge.

I basically spent the Chinese New Year week working on closing the project and it is wrapping up nicely. The finished product will be produced and shipped from the US. The projects will be available from magic dealers worldwide. The trailers are also just about to be completed.

The huge annual Blackpool Magic Convention is about to start in the U.K and traditionally many new products are launched at the event. So, we will wait for that cloud of new products to settle before releasing ours!

Stay tuned for more info!


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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