Filming for a New Project & More

I know it has been dark on the blog front! Mainly because we have been developing several projects we cannot talk about as well as pitching for shows.

Most recently, we spent half a day filming for a new project in Little India. The specific project is still in development but is really one of several opportunities that has been presented to us.

We had tremedous fun shooting this particular project. We have clocked quite a number of hours behind the camera over the years so everything was smooth sailing with great production planning. The weather did disrupt/ delay the shoot at times with constant on & off showers! But we did get all the shots we wanted by the end of the day.

Hopefully, we can get a clip of what we shot down the road!

Here is Ning levitating a souvenir item from a stall at the Little India Arcade!

One of the locations we shot at was a beautiful place call the Khulfi Bar. It is a quaint little ice cream bar at 15 Upper Dickson Rd. But Khulfi Bar does not sell regular ice cream, it serves authentic North Indian ice cream (Khulfi) that is low fat, free of preservatives and very funky!

Here we are with owners, Daswani & Rekha, after the shoot. 

If you are looking to try out a new cafe you can chill out and try ice cream with intense Indian spices, you have to check out Khulfi Bar. Try their most popular desserts (we did!) Bollywood Silver and Faluda King! I liked the latter especially!

Next week is Chinese New Year week but I’ll be hitting the recording studio to film and record another project. Over the past few months, we have been in negotiations for a first-of-its-kind project for the international magic community. The deal is just about inked and we are already in the middle of full production.

We are getting so much support for this that, frankly, it surprised us a bit. So, I just know this is going to be huge!


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