Custom Battle Damaged Power Up Optimus Prime Leader Class

I first started working on my “Transformable Power Up Optimus Prime” almost a year ago.

It was only recently I did a full repaint including adding battle damage to reflect a movie-accurate version of Power Up Prime in the movie Revenge of the Fallen.

Even after almost a year, I have yet to see a custom Power Up Prime that is highly movie accurate AND can “disassemble” so that Optimus Prime can reverted back to his original form and can still transform into truck mode.

What makes my “Power Up Prime” unique is that it is probably the most movie/ concept art accurate “Power Up Prime” that has detachable Jet Fire armour so that Optimus Prime can transform into truck mode.

Plus, the way the attachments are designed are so that different parts of the armour moves with body parts to maintain high articulation in “Power Up” mode. I solved one of the more difficult parts in designing the interchangeable feet.

Read more about this custom at my Custom Optimus Prime blog at: for more photos, examples of my work and learn how to customize your own Optimus Prime.

custom optimus prime

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24 Responses to Custom Battle Damaged Power Up Optimus Prime Leader Class

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  2. Rickzon F. Umali says:

    Did you use a voyager or leader prime for this custom power up prime?

  3. Rickzon F. Umali says:

    from what other toy did you use for this custom, including jetfire?

    • jcsum says:

      All the parts I used are mentioned in the blog under the specifications. Most where cut from parts and hand sculpted, filed and sanded. It was a kit bash and there are no real parts you can easily “cut and paste”.

      The ball joints are fairly stiff and as long as it is positioned correctly, Prime can stand. But if it shifts, it will topple. If your ball joints are not tight enough, use epoxy putty to create a thin layer. That is apply a bit of putty in the bowl of the foot joint. Put the ball joint in to form the shape of the putty. Remove excess and let it harden. Put really just a small pinch and add if you need. Too much, you will have to grind or sand it out.

  4. Rickzon F. Umali says:

    also how can prime stand without it falling due to his ball jointed foot?

  5. Rickzon F. Umali says:

    how did you manage to make him stand without falling due to his ball jointed foot?

  6. Rickzon F. Umali says:

    specifically what kind of magnet did you use?

  7. Rickzon F. Umali says:

    what was the scale of the gundam model you used for this custom?

  8. Rickzon F. Umali says:

    did you use a double-sided tape to attach the magenets to prime and jet fires parts?

    • jcsum says:

      No. If you use the neo magnets, you will need to use a 2-part epoxy. Even so, if the magnets are very powerful and you accidentally put them near each other, they will rip out. Then you have to epoxy back and paint again. It happened to me at least a dozen times :-S especially after completing it and posing the figure. Good luck!!!

      Here’s a tip, now that the Dark of the Moon Figures are out, some shops may sell the older series at a cheaper price. The Starscream Leader Class (Hunt for the Decepticons) looks like it has good parts to support a power up prime since it is also a jet.

  9. Rickzon F. Umali says:

    what were the size of the magnets that you used for this custom

    • jcsum says:

      Hmmm… too many sizes. You need to figure out where you want the magnets then measure the space where the magnets are to fit. Then look for magnets closest to that size. It does depend on luck to match what is in stock.

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  13. Da Fu Wen says:

    good job on the custom, i really appreciate your work, i think you should custom rotf leader class megatron.

  14. ryan says:

    where did you get your chain gun shells?

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