Another Great Review for “Urban Underground”

Thanks to Bernard for posting his review on “Urban Underground”

When I first read his review, I did tell him I thought it might come across biased and people might think it was not a partial review. He replied and said that it did cross his mind but he personally felt that it was a really good DVD.

While we have known Bernard for years (more than 10 for me!), he is also very objective and will call a spade a spade.

Well… all I can say is thanks! And I agree…. it is a really good DVD 😛

Objectively, one of the reasons it stands out from the plethora of DVDs on the market is that it is not a “one-trick” DVD that is so common now. Plus, the routines were not created just to be sold to magicians for the sake of creating a product to sell.

This is actual material that has been developed over a 18-year period and have been produced as a seamless show. Also, Ning & my personal pride will not allow us to put up a sub-standard product, whether on stage, TV or DVD.

Check out the review here:


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