The Answer to our 2011 Promo Trailer Facebook Contest

Last week, we released our 2011 promo trailer and asked the following question for our latest Facebook contest:

“Watch it and see how many times their “360 Sawing” illusion appears (in photo or video) throughout the video. Count the right number of times and you could win a $150 DVD hamper. Post your answer on J C & Ning’s wall.”

Well, many watched & counted but no one got the exact number correct. The actual number is 15 times! Counting the times the illusion appears on simultaneous split screens as two times.

Here are the times the illusion appears:

0:11:22 – Part of 360 seen in Sexy Magic Urban Illusions Poster

0:11:24 – Part of 360 seen in The Impossible Record Poster (Background of J C Sum)

0:17:09 – Photo of 360 0:19:07 – 360 in media article (魔术先生)

0:43:07 – (x2) 360 onstage (performance)

360 on the left side of the stage background image

1:10:05 – (x2) Split Frame of 360 in performance

1:29:24 – 360 in performance

1:48:11 – 360 in performance

2:20:20 – 360 in performance

2:31:10 – 360 in performance

2:35:20 – 360 in performance

2:37:07 – 360 in performance

2:39:05 – 360 in performance

That was a tough one! But event though no one got it correct, we chose two winners for the contest:

First is Chang Zhe Jiat. He was the first to give the closest correc answer. We then randomnly chose one winner from the rest that were the closest. The other winner is: Luis Tirtasanjaya.

Congrats guys! We will contact you shortly regarding your prize of a $150 DVD hamper!


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