“Illusions of the Mind”, Q & A and More Live in Penang

This is the second part of the “Ultimate Magic Workshop Experience” Live in Penang event that Ning & I hosted. Read Part 1 here.

After a short break, Ning & I presented material from our “Illusions of the Mind” show.

This was actually material that we developed for our interactive illusion show but the material did not make the full show because they did not play big enough. But, we fully developed these routines for smaller shows that might require such acts.

Some of these routines were seen for the first time by a live audience. They included an extended blindfold act where Ning divined the identity of cards from a shuffled deck .

Next, we presented a parlor version of my “The Red Envelope” routine, my radical improvement over Kenton Knepper’s “Kollosal Killer” routine. (The Red Envelope is available from Magic Boutique btw. Check out the “Exclusives”).

Ning showed “mind over matter” with some deadly sexy magic with razor blades and a mouthful of fire.

Photo Credit: Chan Fatt

We closed with a routine we call “You’ve Got Mail”. Actually, we have many different versions of this routine in different names. It is our original version of a routine popularly known as “Pegasus Page” but with multiple layers and dimension over the original. It was a fitting way to close the show and got a strong reaction.

After the show, Ning & I hosted a Q & A on all things magic. A lot of the discussion was on the branding of a magician, differentiating oneself and the technical production of a magic show.

The session went on for some time but feedback showed that many felt this session alone was worth the price of the entire event. As promised, Ning & I did not hold back and shared our thoughts, experience and suggestions on every topic asked.

Photo Credit: Chan Fatt

After the Q & A, we sold our DVDs and lecture notes and that was when the real fun began – meeting the participants and taking photos.

According to organizers, it was the longest meet & greet session after the lecture that they ever had. We had a great time speaking everyone, taking photos, signing autographs and just interacting with the Malaysian magicians.

Photo Credit: Chan Fatt

Photo Credit: Chan Fatt

Photo Credit: Chan Fatt

We finally wrapped up at 830pm. The event was scheduled to end by 6pm… well technically we did finish our Q & A by 6.05pm!

Part of the crowd that stayed till the very end of the event. Photo Credit: Kelvin Kor

The event was a huge success on all counts. Participants, organizers and us were all extremely pleased as everyone shared, learnt and benefited from the event.

The man who made it happen was Barry Khoo (sitting to my right in the photo above). Thanks Barry and his lovely wife Joanne for hosting us!

Look out for a highlight video that are trying to put together within the week!


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3 Responses to “Illusions of the Mind”, Q & A and More Live in Penang

  1. charlston says:

    just arrive from penang, very well organized and proffesionally conducted.
    love the peaks and valleys all throughout.

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