“Urban Underground” Show & Lecture in Penang

Yesterday, Ning & I conducted a one-of-a-kind event for magicians in Malaysia. Called the “Ultimate Magic Workshop Experience”, we gave the most intensive and program-packed event of its kind to the participants.

Organizers acknowledged that it was the biggest turnout for a lecture in Penang till date. 50% of the participants came from all over Malaysia, even as far down south from Johor. One person said it best: “People came from Johor to Penang to see Singaporeans!”.

The event started at about 2pm and saw the full performance of my “Urban Underground” close-up magic show. As readers of the blog know, this show is something I have made public only recently but have been developing and performing for select events and shows for years.

For the first time, I presented the show in its entirety for magicians. Judging by reactions and feedback later, the show got a great response, especially the show closer – a pet routine that I call “Dice Explosion”. My first version of the routine won me the “Most Entertaining Magician” in the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 115 Close-up Competition in 1996!

After the show, I shared the breakdown of the show in a lecture session that included detailed explanations of the set-up, performance, psychology and approach to the entire show.

This is basically a live version of the “Urban Underground” DVD but with the benefit of getting real-time views and clarifications. My approach to doing the lecture this way is also to show how the show is performed in its entirety as a seamless performance. This demonstrates how a professional close-up show flows and transits between routines.

While I rehearsed the lecture previously, doing it live for the first item helped me to finetune the pacing the pacing of the lecture. As the material is quite involved, I knew some technical parts would be very heavy for participants. I guess that is what the companian DVD is for 🙂

Check out Trailer #2 of the “Urban Underground” DVD here to see what you missed!

You can still buy the DVD from Ning’s sexy Magic Boutique at www.magicboutique.sg

More on the rest of the “Ultimate Magic Workshop Experience” Live in Penang here!


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