Detailed Contents of the “Urban Underground” DVD

The DVDs are currently in the press and we will receive them in the next 2 days! The entire first run of DVDs will be numbered and signed by Ning & myself. At the rate the pre-orders are coming in, I suspect the first run will be sold out.

Here are the full contents of the 2-disc DVD set:

Disc 1

  • Intro
  • Full Performance of Urban Underground
  • Bonus Interview on Modern Close-upMagic

Disc 2

  • Intro/ How to sell a formal close-up show in today’s “street magic” market
  • Case Set-up
  • Detailed Explanations of the entire “Urban Underground” show with bonus alternative endings for multiple routines
  • Credits/ References List – All ideas, presentations, techniques and methods credited to respective creators
  • Props List – List of all props used in “Urban Underground” and where to obtain them

All detailed info and video trailers can be found at:

Pre-order the DVD at the special price at


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