Why you should pre-order the “Urban Underground” DVD?

There are many reasons to buy the “Urban Underground” DVD BUT there is just one BIG reason to pre-order at at the pre-sale price.

The reason is that you will not be getting one DVD but TWO DVDs as a set!

We originally planned for this to be just one DVD but after post-production, there is just too much footage to squeeze into one DVD. So, we are now releasing “Urban Underground” as a 2-Disc DVD set.

This means the usual selling price of the DVD will be higher than originally planned. The new price of the DVD will be US$40 or S$52, instead of the original projected S$45.

However, the pre-sale price will still be the same – S$35, so you will save S$17 if you pre-order the DVD set.

Note: If you are attending the “Ultimate Magic Workshop Experience” in Penang, prices will be as advertised for the event date.

Full contents of the 2-DVD set will be released shortly!

Order through Magic Boutique at www.magicboutique.sg


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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