2010 in Review

As I have done for the past two years in this blog, here is the year in review where I list all the highlights of 2010. First up:

The Impossible 4D Prediction

We kicked off 2010 with a mega stunt that was completely different from anything we had ever done before. It proved to be the stunt that generated the most online buzz and media coverage.

Besides media features in virtually all local media outlets as well as some international news, the prediction made “Magic Babe Ning” the most popular search on Yahoo Singapore on 21 Jan 2010.

This successful stunt also allowed us to donate $10,000 to the Children’s Cancer Foundation and set up the launch of our new Interactive Illusion Show that would eventually be officially launched almost exactly a year later.

Sexy Magic Urban Illusions

“The Impossible 4D Prediction” coincided with our run at St James Power Station where we staged a 60min show that was a completely different show from what we staged at “Ultimate Magic” at Arena in Clarke Quay for 13 months.

We debuted several new illusions including our original presentation of a rare illusion called “Shadow Vision”.

Urban Circus

In March this year, Ning & I held an audition we called “Own the Stage”. The winner of this process was Dean Wong, who we subsequently worked with to refine his act. He presented the act we helped produce at “Urban Circus” – a platform for new talents to showcase their crafts, acts and shows.

This production also showcased Ning’s sexy hot “weapons act” that saw her twirl sais and nunchuks!

You can read about the Urban Circus here.

TV Appearances on Networks Across Asia

We made quite a few appearances on different highly rated shows this year. We started with a cameo on “The Noose” on MediaCorp’s Channel 5. They did a “fake” news story on our 4D Prediction”.

We were also featured on “Sony Style Magazine TV Show” on AXN Asia.

“The Amazing Race Asia” was a different experience and it was great to be chosen to represent Singapore in this internationally recognized brand.

While we filmed in June, the episode aired on 9 Dec 2010. You can read about the behind the scenes on this taping here.

Over 40 million people watched us live and on re-broadcasts of “Duel Mahakarya Magician”, a TV special on RCTI, Indonesia. We represented Singapore in an international line-up of magicians and presented our signature illusions “Crystal Metamorphosis” and “360 Sawing” among others.

Watch highlights here:


Explore Singapore 2010! The Aerial Exit

Another highlight of the year for us was to be chosen as the stars for this year’s Explore Singapore! campaign presented by the National Heritage Board. It really helps magic in Singapore when magicians are chosen by government organizations to front a major branding campaign.

Besides bringing our magic to the Peranakan Museum & Mint Museum of Toys, we created a mega illusion as the grand finale of the Explore Singapore! 2010 campaign. As you probably know by now, we vanished 5 people 24ft up in the air!

It has been regarded by many as one of the most stunning mega illusions we have staged due to its directness and simplicity in effect.

Illusions of the Mind – Interactive Illusion Show

It was fulfilling to create a brand new show of 100% new material.

Any artist will know the difficulty in creating a new act so the prospect of creating a whole new show comprising of all new acts is daunting. Years of work paid off and we debuted our new Interactive Illusion Show at the Peranakan Museum on 20 Nov 2010. The show officially debuts in Jan 2011!

I think magic portal Red Dot Magic described the show best: “It didn’t have the atmosphere of a mentalism show nor did it feel like a magic show.”

Check out the sneak preview to the show here.

Besides the above highlights of the year for us, I think there are a few other things that are significant enough to mention.

New Talent Stepping Up to the Plate

This year saw fresh Concept:Magic talent step up and make quantum improvements to their craft and level of performance.

Larry the Daredevil Magician found his niche and market performing for community events and blue collar events; whether on stage or close-up. He has fine tuned his performing style to fit his target audience and, in my opinion, has the show and personality that best fits a heartlander audience.

We all look forward to him see what he adds to his show and close-up reportoire next.

Many people would know Adeline NG AKA Kinetic Gal who heads up Mighty Magic Factory and as Singapore’s only magic juggler who performs a show for kids event and parties.

This year, she launched Singapore’s first kids illusion show that feature her unique take on illusions, combined with juggling! This new show is not only novel but brings scale and sophistication to kids & family events.

Here’s a fun fact: Many people read Adeline’s blog. A glance at her blog stats saw an average of 1000 people a day reading her blog!

In 2010, Adeline also made headway as a Close-up Magician performing for corporate cocktail receptions, private parties and road shows. She now limits bookings for her kids shows to just 10 a month so that she has time to accept corporate shows and focus her time in developing this market.

I think she has tremendous potential in this area as there are hardly any female magicians so if she continues to work hard, she will slowly gain significant market show as a close-up magician in the new year.

‘Magic Babe’ – the Ambassador

This was a great year for Ning to leverage off her distinct brand and celebrity to represent different organizeration and causes as their selected ambassador. She was appointed Power Over Cervical Cancer (POCC), Coke Zero and LG Mobile Asia.

Media Coverage

While I have mentioned before, it bears highlighting again! The local and international media have really supported us continously over the years. We garnered 60 media features (including radio interviews, print, online and TV media) in 2010! If you think about it, that breaks down to more than one EVERY week.

While the media have told us that it is our innovative illusions and acts that make our stories “newsworthy”, it is still their decision to feature the stories and we are grateful for that.

Check out our full media lists at www.jcsum.com/profile.html  or www.magicbabening.com

Giving Back to Magic

Even though we are professional commerical magicians whose primary target audience is the mainstream public, Ning & I do try to give back to the industry and community that has been so good to us.

Earlier this year, Ning & I had the honour of being the only Singapore illusionists to be featured as part of the Essential Magic Conference organized by Luis de Matos, Marco Tempest and David Britland.

Here is the intro they gave us:

J C Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning are Singapore’s most famous illusionists. They share their views on magic, illusions, skill and teamwork. And how Ning feels about being called ‘the sexiest woman in magic.”

Mid-year, Ning relaunched Magic Boutique with a whole new site and exclusive products such as “The Red Envelope” and my illusion books. Check them out on Magic Boutique’s EXCLUSIVES.

The launch of the new Magic Boutique also saw the launch of Sexy Magic Reviews, a blogsite for reviews of magic products & DVDs.

Ning & I also filmed our first instructional magic DVD, “Urban Underground” for the international magic community and it will be officially launched in Penang, Malaysia on 8 Jan 2011.

The material is really strong and the information on techniques, routining, gimmicks and structure is quite extensive. If you are looking for very solid (not just commericial) magc that covers  wild breadth of plot, effects are routines, you may want to pre-order the DVD now before 8 Jan 2011. There is another reason that I will share soon.

We did our most ever in-depth video interview ever for the magic media with Red Dot Magic.

Well, that wraps up quite a year. We are starting off the new year with a bang in Penang for the “Ultimate Magic Workshop Experience”. After that, we are planning to be out of town a lot for 2011 so we will see what happens!


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