Why you should attend the “Ultimate Magic Workshop Experience” LIVE in Penang

 Our “Ultimate Magic Workshop Experience” LIVE in Penang is round the corner and the event + our new “Urban Underground” DVD has created quite a buzz in Singapore and Malaysia!

We are putting a lot of effort to make this workshop “one-of-a-kind” and a high value event for the participants who are putting in the time and money to attend it.

Here are a few things to look forward to:

1) I will be presenting my “Urban Underground” Close-up Magic Show in its entirety as one continous show. This will allow participants to see how the show is structured, produced and how all the routines are interweaved together to form a seamless production.

This is very different from typical magic lectures where the magicians tend to perform a single routine and then explain it.

2) In “The Breakdown: Lecture”, participants will see the complete show/ case set-up that makes the show possible. The design of the case and exacting layout of all the things needed for individual routines allow the show to be possible. This in itself will be an eye-opener for many.

3) Ning & I will be presenting a segment of our “Illusions of the Mind” show. This is a completely different set from our main stage version that is an interactive illusion show (the one we debuted at Peranakan Museum as the kick-off to the Explore Singapore 2010 campaign). This version will feature material reserved for small intimate events as opposed to large stage shows.

4) After the show, Ning & I will conduct a Q & A on “Illusions 101 & Anything Magic”. If you have questions on our work for TV, live shows and mega illusions, this will be a chance to find out things we will never share anywhere else.

In addition, Ning will lecture on one of her pet routines that she will perform in “Illusions of the Mind”. She will also share valuable insight of women in magic, their performance styles and how they can position themselves in a male-dominated industry. Her perspective will be highly valuable to any male magician who has a female assistant as part of his show as well.

5) Launch of “Urban Underground” DVD + sale of other items at great prices such as “The Red Envelope” and “Beyond the Stage” Lecture Notes.

6) Meet & Greet + Photos with… ‘Magic Babe’ Ning. I know no one will be interested in me but who doesn’t want to be up close & personal with the “sexiest woman in magic” (magicseen magazine)?

Early bird prices are only offered till 27 Dec 2010 for BOTH the workshop fees and “Urban Underground” DVD.

Check out the full details here!


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