More Insight into “Urban Underground” DVD

I’ve received a number of emails and PMs upon the release of the “Urban Underground” trailer.

One recurring comment was that there seems to be a lot of effects in just 6 routines. I should mention that while the marketing copy claims “6 Blockbuster Routines”, there are actually a total of 11 different routines that I make-up my 6 routines. For example, in my “4 x 3” routine, four different coin routines make up this act.

In addition, I also offer many alternative endings for some routines if they are to be used as stand-alone effects.

Besides the performance and breakdown explanation of the entire show, I also share how to market a formal close-up show in a market environment that is used to Street Magic and roving entertainment for events & venues.

The DVD closes with a candid discussion with Ning & myself on contemporary close-up magic and our take on mainstream media and public’s perception of close-up magic.

It is a jam-packed DVD if compared to the now-common “one effect”-type DVDs.

The DVD is available at a special pre-sale price of S$35 (usual price S45) if you order before 7 Jan 2011, 2359hrs. Order it from Ning’s sexy Magic Boutique here.

The DVD is available to all magicians WORLDWIDE, especially Singapore!


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