“Urban Underground” The Close-up Magic Show

The next high profile project that Ning & I are gearing up for is our “Ultimate Magic Workshop Experience” in Penang, Malaysia.

We are also taking advantage of our trip and have also set-up other bookings and meetings around the region up north.

One of the many things that we will be sharing is my “Urban Underground” close-up magic show that I will be performing as well as lecturing on.

To complement the lecture, we have also produced an instructional DVD on the close-up magic show and all the intricacies, set-up and details that goes into producing and performing such a show.

We will be launching the DVD in Penang first on 8 Jan 2011 and it will be available from Magic Boutique shortly.

While I’ve written quite a few books and lecture notes, this is my very first teach-in DVD. The last time I documented my original close-up material as in 1998. So I think it is important to make an official record of my work at this point in my career. I’m notorious in my team for developing full routines for different effects and then completely forgetting them. When they are performed back to me years later, I remark: “That is pretty smart. Whose is that?” And I get an incredilous quizzical look and answer: “Yours?!”

I’ve developed a lot of routines with original handlings or presentations and since the dawn of my career, I’ve always wanted to develop a formal close-up show. I was influenced by magicians such as Albert Goshman, Paul Gertner, John Cornelius and Dominique Duvivier who have designed such shows.

I must have done more than 50 such shows earlier in my career when I did many corporate hospitality suites, private parties and smaller events that allowed such a set-up. My personal philosophy for close-up for commerical professional engagements is to always play big and perform to a big crowd.

Even when I did roving magic for corporate cocktails and receptions, I always played big. My average crowd size per close-up performance was 20 – 30 people.  So, a formal close up show that played to a large crowd of people at one time was right up my alley.

“Urban Underground” is a fully integrated and seamless formal close-up show that I’ve been developing over the last few years. In the current age of “Street Magic”, it is something completely different. And the reason why I produced this show was to offer a different product, which is consistent with our overal business strategy.

While many magicians offer close-up magic services in the form of roving entertainment, as far as I know, no one else offers a show like this and even if so, nothing close to this level of production and refinement in this part of the world. Well, that is one reason, the other is because I really like and am proud of the material.

As my primary work comes from stage work & illusions, I’ve had the good fortune to have the time and resources to develop this close-up show over a prolonged period. I have taken all the best material that I have developed over 18 years and produced the routines into a seamless production. Several of the routines won me different awards in the mid-90s including International Brotherhood of Magicans (U.S.A.) linking rings awards.

I have since reproduced all the routines, formatted the show and obtained most of the props needed for this show. The production of the show itself benefits from the culmulative experience of professional show producing for the past decade.

If you will be in Penang, you will see this live on 8 Jan 2011. If not, maybe we will see what we can do to make it a public show sometime next year.


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3 Responses to “Urban Underground” The Close-up Magic Show

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  3. Geryn says:

    I’ve heard this show is amazing, hopefully I get to see it one day.

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