Behind the Scenes of “Urban Underground”

Now that “The Aerial Exit” is successfully in the history books, I can start sharing about “Urban Underground” which is something we have been working on for a longer time than you might expect.

“Urban Underground” is my professional close-up show for select clients and venues and several acts have also found its way into my illusion show with the help of a live camera feed and large projection screens.

In July this year, we decided to do an instructional DVD (our first) for the international magic community and decided to conduct an “ultimate” workshop for magicians. This is how we ended getting booked to be in Penang, Malaysia for the gig with Barry Khoo.

So, Ning encouraged me to share my “Urban Underground” close-up show and everything that goes behind it.

Of course, we were busy with our corporate work, TV filming, the launch of “Illusions of the Mind” and “The Aerial Exit” so worked on the DVD production only when we had the time.

I’m happy to say that we are currently in the final stages of production for the “Urban Underground” DVD.

For the first time, I will be revealing the pet secrets to routines that I’ve developed over an 18-year period. Many know my work in stage or close-up for solid structure, planning and routining and I personally this close-up production showcases the best of the best stuff that I have come up with.

I “workshopped” a lot of the routines with all my team mates who gave excellent feedback that resulted into very positive refinements.

For the shooting of the DVD, the Concept:Magic studio was transformed into a video recording studio with a two-camera set-up and 3-point lighting rig. The resulting product will be a professional instructional DVD for magicians and serious magic enthusiasts. The routines and techniques shared are advanced and not recommended for the beginner.

Here are some photos from the shoot:

Ning looking hot & beautiful as always

“Urban Underground” features stand-up close-up material…

As well as table work for the “meat” of the show

My show/ case set-up is highly customized and organized for this show.


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