Interview with 8 Days in the Studio

Ning & I did an interview in the Concept:Magic studio. Fresh off our “The Aerial Exit” mega illusion, 8 Days was interested to know how this magic duo spends our money!

The light-hearted interview answered the question: “What is the difference between an illusionist and a magician?” Answer: The extra zero at the end of the paycheck… as well as at the end of capital investment”. LOL

We did a special photo shoot with Ning inside our “360 Sawing” illusion but had an interesting addition because the nature of the article was on celebrities and money. So, we had Ning levitating a $50 out of a fan of $50s that I was holding.

It was a fun interview and shoot and we hope to see it out in about 2 weeks.

Discussing the shoot with the writer and figuring out how to incorporate the “money shot” with our “360 Sawing”.

The final shot will see Ning levitating the $50 in the air while in the “360 Sawing”


About J C Sum

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