Media & Fans at “The Aerial Exit” Mega Illusion Part 2

After “The Aerial Exit”, we took interviews with several local and international media outlets that came to cover the mega illusion.

Fans, friends and curious spectators swarmed around the media interview area as we chatted with reporters and filmed for TV news.

Thanks so much to Channel News Asia, Razor TV, CTV Taiwan and Channel News Asia for coming down! The mega illusion made the night news on Channel News Asia television the same night.

After the interviews, we quickly started our “meet & greet” for more than a hundred people who were patiently waiting all this time to say ‘hi’, get a photo and receive an autographed “Explore Singapore 2010” poster.

We are really appreciative of everyone who waited and took the time to grab a photo with us. We saw many familiar faces, some who have supported us for a majority of our mega illusions and public shows. We also made a whole bunch of new friends from this project so hope to see them again at our next mega illusion.

There are really too many photos to put up here in the blog. We have put up about half the photos with different fans on our Facebook fan page. So, do see the photo album here.

Once again, thanks to Weili Chua and Florent Cote for the wonderful photos!


About J C Sum

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