The Aerial Exit “Cage” Almost Fully Assembled

We shifted the main apparatus used for “The Aerial Exit” from our workshop to the our magic studio where we assembled final components and added in certain secret “extras”.

At a cursory glance, the apparatus looks like a combination of Ning’s “The Impalement Cage” device and our “The Impossible Journey” teleportation chamber. However, as I have mentioned before, it is usually what you do not see in an illusion that makes all the difference in the world.

The Aerial Exit “cage” measures just 6ft x 6ft wide. It fits five people standing on the platform snugly and knowledgable magicians & illusion designers will understand how challenging this is to vanish so many people in such a small area space.

Besides the overall design that combines several illusion methodologies in a single unit (something I have not seen done in the world before), I’m particularly proud of various rigging points and systems that were designed for the prop. While I’m familiar with a few systems for various purposes, nothing would fit our specific purpose. I designed one and we fabricated it – so far so good! Works like a charm!

There are a few more additions that I will be making to the design for safety and aesthetic value. If you would like to see the fully set-up and rigged illusion, you have to make it down to the Asian Civilizations Museum this Sunday, 12 Dec 2010 @ 5pm.

“The Aerial Exit” is the grand finale of the Explore Singapore 2010 campaign that is still going on. Check out the official website at for all the great promotions that are perfect for the family!


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