Fun & Magic with “The Muttons” on 98.7

Ning & I headed over to the 98.7 studio @ scape yesterday afternoon. Some of our Concept:Magic team members tagged along for what would sure be a fun interview with “The Muttons”, Justin and Vernon.

A bunch of friendly SMU students who run their campus radio station were also present. Unfortunately, they did not just turn up for us 😦 but were there to check out the pros at work and to see the 98.7 production & studio. But, they were in for a treat as they were our ‘live’ studio audience during our interview.

During the show, we talked about “The Aerial Exit” that is taking place on 12 Dec 2010, Sun at 5pm at the Asian Civilizations Museum by the Singapore River.

We also performed a magic effect where we turning water to ice right in front of everyone!

It was a pleasure being on “The Muttons'” show as always and here we are posing with a framed poster of our new “Illusions of the Mind” show dedicated to the 98.7 crew. If you ever go into the studio, you will see the poster somewhere in there 🙂

If you did not know, “The Muttons” have also released their own CD called “The Muttons Show: What the Bleah!”. It features the best material from their radio show and took over 6 months to produce. The CD is a must-listen and is available in all good music stores. Get it for Christmas!

Thanks to our fans who dropped by the 98.7 studio to say hi after the interview. We really appreciate it!

Catch our next radio interview with Jean Danker on Class 95 on 7 Dec 2010, Wed, 7pm!


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