Battle Damaged & Weathered Limited Edition Optimus Prime Statuette

So, I spent the weekend working on this brand new custom… when I was supposed to be working on the cue sheet for “The Aerial Exit”.

I was originally going to start work on this next year with the rest of the customs but I thought it was not right to wait till next year as the statuette was a birthday present for this year.

This is a limited edition 12″ statuette of Optimus Prime produced by Popbox Collectibles and licensed by Hasbro. Only 500 were made and this is number 258. In its original form, it is a beautiful statuette of the movie Optimus Prime. It is slightly taller than the Leader Class Optimus Prime, about the same scale size to Battle Ops Bumble Bee.

It is highly detailed and the most accurate version of Optimus Prime but it does not transform and in fact does not articulate. It is a statuette, not an action figure.

Read about this custom at my Custom Optimus Prime blog at: for more photos, examples of my work and learn how to customize your own Optimus Prime.

custom optimus prime

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7 Responses to Battle Damaged & Weathered Limited Edition Optimus Prime Statuette

  1. shaun says:

    looks awesome bro, can imagine the fun you had working on it in your workshop!

  2. Mark Cerbo says:

    Nicely done. Looks like your work needs to be featured. I recommend we spread the word. 😉

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  4. Dale says:

    Looks excellent man, how much would you sell it for ? 🙂

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