Female Magician Spotted at Marina Bay Sands

Concept:Magic’s very own Close-up Magician, Adeline Ng, was at Marina Bay Sands for the second day in a row. She was handling our tech production for our illusion show for HP the night before.

Yesterday evening, she entertained guests at a pre-event cocktail reception as she mingled and performed to small groups of guests at a time.

Her professional reportoire of close-up magic includes interactive magic with cards, coins, rubberbands and borrowed objects.

While there are many male close-up magicians in Singapore and many of them very good, there hardly any professional female close-up magicians. When ‘Magic Babe’ Ning first burst on the scene, she was the first gal to work close-up gigs at corporate events and clubs professionally and regularly.

But after 5 years, Ning is more selective on her close-up engagements as she prefers to focus on stage work and special projects. So, Adeline is doing a great job filling that void in the market space… and is getting noticed! If you are a reader of this blog, you will know that in the last couple of months, Adeline, has been booked more and more for close-up work. 

For Adeline’s showreel and close-up show write-ups, contact her at adeline@conceptmagic.biz


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