Illusion Show for HP Sales Kick Off 2011

The team was at Marina Bay Sands for a full illusion show for a HP Sales Kick Off Event for over 1500 international staff members.

The client wanted a high-end visual entertainment act that would engage the audience so we designed a show that would entertain the audience and lead back to their awards presentations that was part of the program.

Ning & I presented a couple of our favourite illusions including “Crystal Appearance” and “Crystal Metamorphosis”. I think we clocked one of our fastest exchanges ever for “Crystal Metamorphosis” in this show!

A top executive was a great sport in assisting on stage with Ning’s “Straight Jacket Striptease”.

Ning looks a bit too happy offering her bottom… strap to the more than game volunteer! I want in on that action!

We closed the 30min illusion show with a custom-designed “high tech” illusion sequence that included our “Human Light Tunnel” & “Light & Space” illusions along with the magical production of one of the awards trophy.

The Concept:Magic team worked like a well-oiled machine with a lean crew, even though it was a relatively big show. The show was exceptional smooth, especially for a special event illusion show but the expertise and experience of the team shines through with how they handled the show; from load-in, set-up, technical run through and supporting the actual live show.

We have welcomed on board a new team member whom I think will work out just fine. Although new, he was literally thrown in to a “sea” of different projects that we were working on virtually every other day. But, to his credit, he has kept afloat, held his own and proven to be a valuable addition to the team.

As I told him, he will learn more with us in a month than he would in two years with anyone else in this part of the world, simply by the diversity and amount of our projects we undertake.

Next week sees us doing 6 more shows with most of them being custom-designed for the event and venue. We will somehow squeeze in rehearsals of those shows along with the final production of “The Aerial Exit”. It is going to be a long two weeks!


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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