Things Up Ahead

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will notice a change in the design and the look of the site.

I thought I would freshen things up a bit since the old look of the blog was used for almost two years. The wider template will also allow me to put in larger photos and I think the larger font is easier on the eyes!

Here is a fitting post to “kick-off” the new look for my blog!

The next two weeks are going to be especially busy for the team. With our first two shows for the Explore Singapore 2010 campaign successfully completed, we are all gearing up for our 8th mega illusion “The Aerial Exit”. If you have not done so yet, mark your attendance at the Facebook event page here. I know that several people from overseas are coming down to Singapore to experience the mega illusion.

Over the past weeks, our main apparatus for “The Aerial Exit” has in the process of being built. This week, should see it in the final stages of completion and assembly. Then, we can work on the rigging and safety aspects of the illusion as the illusion equipment has to be raised in the air.

The weeks will also be filled with production meetings internally on all aspects of the mega illusion. The technical design & fabrication of the illusion aside, we also designed the event logistics and will oversee all logistics and show production set-ups. Load-in and set-up schedules are critical that everything is done on time and we can do our technical run-throughs. As with all our mega illusions, it is impossible to rehearse the illusion, especially when we are using 5 untrained individuals that the National Heritage Board will be choosing. Hence, technical rehearsals are critical to ensure everything will go smoothly on the actual day, barring unforeseen circumstances.

It is still not too late to sign up to be one of the 5 people to vanish in our mega illusion. Sign up at the Explore Singapore 2010 website at:

Besides the mega illusion on 12 Dec 2010, we also have commitments for our bread & butter work that includes half of dozen shows for corporate and special events. This is the first time we are taking on multiple shows so close and even on the day of the mega illusion, but work is work and more work is always good!

Among our shows, we will be bringing our full illusion show for a corporate gig at Marina Bay Sands this week. We will be featuring several of our favourite illusions including “Crystal Metamorphosis”, “Light & Space”, “Crystal Appearance” and “Human Light Tunnel”. We are also customizing the show so it should be fun!

This coming Sat, 4 Dec 2010, we will be on 98.7FM again with “The Muttons”, Vernon and Justin. We always love to be on their show as they are loads of fun. So, join us @ Scape live in the studio at 3pm if you are free.

Ning & I with Justin & Vernon when we were awarded the Merlin Awards last year. They invited us on the show when they learnt we were the first Singapore illusionists to be awarded Merlins and put Singapore on the world magic map. The visit also coincided with Ning’s FHM cover that we framed and gave to them as a gift.

The following Wed, 7 Dec 2010, we will be on Class 95 with Jean Danker. While we see Jean from time to time at different events, this will be the first time on her show. We were pulled off her show earlier in the year by MDA who felt we were promoting gambling by going onto her show to talk about “The Impossible 4D Prediction“.

Ning & I with Jean at the Fearless Fun Female event that we performed at back in 2008.

On the side we have a few pet projects going on that requires filming, editing and heading to the sound studio. It is going to be a busy period on and off stage to mid-Jan 2011. Hopefully then, I will find time to customize a couple of Transformers that I have in my project boxes.


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