The Crap that Comes with the Territory

Yesterday, Ning wrote about how someone posted on her LG ambassador contest wall to try to “create problems” (as colloquial saying goes). If you did not know, Ning is an ambassador for LG Mobile and is in a voting contest to be LG’s favourite ambassador.

While the LG admin has deleted the comments and banned this fictitious account from their page, luckily, I did a screen capture of the comment! Read Mr “Tim Goh’s” comment:

First of all… no one but the LG page admin can see who voted for the different contestants…. so there is no way anyone could make that observation or conclusion.  Secondly, trust me, Ning is not that free. Between our shows, rehearsals and media interviews, there is not much time left. Thirdly, I went to “Tim Goh’s” page and this is what I got:

As you can see “Tim Goh’s” account was just set up to make specific comments… on Ning’s LG Ambassador wall. So, “Tim Goh” accuses Ning of creating new/ fake accounts to vote for herself when “Tim Goh” is a new/ fake account in itself? What class of ironic moron is this guy? It is hilarious! ROTFL.

These things happen to us more often than one would expect. We often get people making comments/ remarks with malice behind the cloak of anonymity. They do so on our blogs, other people’s blogs, forums and sometimes on each others’ Facebook walls, when they don’t realize a post is public.

There is one incident that happened in 2007 that is always brought up by people in the industry. In this case, we had concrete proof and had even contacted the Computer Crimes Divisions of the CID for assistance. I don’t want to beat a dead horse but you can read all about it on Ning’s blog here:

Ning has caught more than one person who basically lied on a public forum to try to make her look bad. Here is one example: One moron pretended to be a volunteer for one of her stage shows and posted how he was treated disrepectfully and badly by her in front of the audience. Little did this person know that the event organizers knew exactly who Ning picked and it was not this person (Ning called them to check). Had the person left it at that, we would never know who he is. But, this person felt he needed to “let Ning know” how badly her audience member felt of her. So, he left a comment on her blog with a link to the forum thread. However, Mr Moron left an electronic trail right to his Facebook page which identified him… “genius”. Yes… we know who you are and have all comments/ tracking screen captured on record.

Since such things started happening, we installed a few digital security tools in place that allows us to track electronic trails and information of people who leave comments on our blogs and websites. These tools allow us to track these people even though they are anonymous.

As I know I’ve mentioned in my blog before, when Ning first joined me, I told her that she will know when she is successful when crap like this happens. So, it is a good thing in a way, because she is on the right track and has, in the minds of these individuals, become more successful than they are or could ever dream of being. This is one Key Performance Index for the Commerical Creative Artist… or any business professional for that matter. Not an ideal KPI but still one that is fairly accurate.

Honestly, now, we don’t feel one bit upset and angry with such things. I think we have reached a stage that we know the intelligent observer, peers, public and media can see through these thinly veiled acts of malice against us. We see these acts as childish thorns of amusement perpetuated by individuals who we feel sorry for.

The bad mouthing and snide remarks are expected but identity theft, pretending to be someone else to make cowardice remarks or leaving anonymous comments to hopefully hurt someone really takes it to a low that doesn’t garner much sympathy for the doers.

The question we ponder is… “Why are these people so free? Why don’t they spend their time improving themselves/ their profession/ their craft?”. After all, it does take significant time, energy and effort to set up fake accounts and make posts and comments.

Observers have suggested jealousy, social inferiority and low self esteem as well as the fact that we are doing something right that causes such people to react/ act in these ways. I just think it is sad for them but completely accept (and sometimes relish :-)) that this is just crap that comes with the territory. AND, it gives me something interesting to blog about for my readers!

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