The Concept:Magic Close-up Magic Team @ Work

As I highlighted last week, the Concept:Magic Close-up Magic Team, headed by Adeline Ng, performed for two full days at a roadshow carnival organized by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

We designed a range of customized workshop items that our magicians presented to the mainly heartlander audience. Their job was to draw traffic to the booths at the road show and subsequently educate the audience on the different training mentoring programs that WDA had to offer.

The client engaged Concept:Magic based on our proven track record to effectively integrate magic with a business message and employ this hybrid as an effective event marketing tool.

Having worked professional for tradeshows & roadshows extensively in the early/ mid part of my career, I can say it is not a typical magic gig. A certain degree of expertise is required to balance out the magic entertainment and the message. Furthermore, the magician has to be able to play big enough to attract a crowd.

Here are 3 photos of me working similar type roadshows 10 years ago!!!

I think we designed the right material and subsequently worked with the magicians to deliver the magic & message. Based on direct feedback from the client and observations on the ground, I think the team did a fantastic job! I hope to see them work more roadshows in different locations in the upcoming months.

Check out their pics!


On a separate note, we are in the process of adding more close-up magicians to the team. About a month ago, we made the call for “new blood” to introduce themselves to us and we have met up with a few. I have a certain performance and presentation philosophy when it comes to performing close-up and expect a certain standard from my guys. I’m looking forward to the continued process of working with them.

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