Illusions of the Mind Debuts at The Peranakan Museum

Last night, we officially debuted our all-new interactive illusion show for the public as one of the highlights of the Explore Singapore! 2010 campaign.

It was an artistic and commercial rewarding experience to finally bring this show to stage in front of a live audience. Artistically, it is always a big step to introduce brand new acts into a show but it is an even bigger step to introduce 100% new material and changes the approach to presenting the new content.

As strong believers to constantly innvoate, evolve and push ourselves to high levels, we worked hard (outside our regular illusion work) to develop this show. We made every effort to create an illusion show that was different from anything else in the world and be solid commerical entertainment.

Judging by the reactions and feedback from the audiences at the debut shows, the show’s commercial appeal is very strong and we are on the right track with the direction of this show.

The shows were staged at the Peranakan Museum that also organized many other fringe activities as part of the special night. By 6pm, visitors were already filling into the museum and queuing up for our show. In fact, all 3 shows were completely booked up by about 8pm when the first show started! Unfortunately, the museum had to turn people away due to the overwhelming response. The 30min shows were scheduled at 8pm, 9pm & 10pm and all started promptly on time.

“Illusions of the Mind” is an interactive illusion show and each show is virtually different from each other as the audience plays a major role in the show. Personally, this show gives me much free-play for me to ad-lib and dictate the pace of the show. Developing situational comedy as it arises is what makes every show different from each other. Come to think of it, it is very much like a “Whose Line is it Anyway?”-type improv show meets our visual illusion show.

The current version of our main show features a select number of acts that are culled from our entire interactive illusion reportoire of 12 acts. It features original routines including our main highlight – a magic game show that involves both contestants as well as the entire audience. The atmosphere, excitment and laughter created in this game show is like nothing we have every achieved before in any of our previous illusion acts.

Our version of “The Impossible 4D Prediction” that we successfully presented in Jan 2010 serves as a wrap-around act for the entire show. It is proven story-telling technique that we used in “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions” earlier this year. To prove that our lottery prediction was not a fluke, we recreate the prediction in “Illusions of the Mind” live!

Here is a strange coincidence, the first four digit prediction for the 1st show was “2024”. Amazingly, the time the numbers were announced was exactly 8.24pm (2024hrs)! We were told of this after the show… coincidence or destiny?


If you are interested to book “Illusions of the Mind” for your corporate or special event or entertainment venue, contact us at

Visit the show’s official webpage at:

I’ll post more after-show photos as they become available!


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