Busy Days Before, Now & After…

As you can imagine, it has been a very busy few weeks at the Concept:Magic studio. We have been preparing for our starring roles in the National Heritage Board’s Explore Singapore! 2010 campaign while juggling our “bread & butter” corporate shows. This weekend, our team members are collectively handling a total of 9 different events covering 13 shows in all!

“Illusions of the Mind” will debut for the public at the Peranakan Museum this Saturday (8pm, 9pm, 10pm) and we are very pleased with the current state of the show. It is so different from what we usually do yet the interactive illusions are very much “us”. The music production and design also complement the show very well.

The show for Sat is already packed and all ready to go because we are running 3 illusion shows back to back for corporate events tonight. Designed for international touring the “Illusions of the Mind” show packs efficiently and fairly compactly.

Due to the tight timing of all the illusion shows tonight, we have 3 different set ups that will start in the afternoon with two different teams of crew. Each show features different illusions and different show programs but our team is well-oiled to take on multiple shows in a single night. While we regularly do two shows a night, it is seldom that we do three, except for New Year’s Eve. But, this time round, all three different clients made exceptions for us so that we could fit in all three shows.

After the shows, we will all head back to the studio to “reload” for the next day’s “Illusions of the Mind” shows.

On Sat morning, Ning & I will head over the 98.7FM studio @ Scape and do a “live” in-studio interview with Desiree Lai. We will also try to perform an interactive illusion “live”. So, if you are in the area at 11am on 20 Nov 2010, drop by as the studio’s walls are entirely made of glass so you can see the action taking place in real time.

After the interview, we will move over to the Peranakan Museum where one team will already be overseeing the technical set-up of audio & lighting for our shows.

Regardless of where you are in Singapore during this weekend, you will likely see a Concept:Magic talent at work. It is a tremendously busy working weekend for our team and possibly one of the few times that everyone is booked up back to back with shows & projects.

Ning & I are, of course, working our shows at the Peranakan Museum on Sat. On Sun, Larry the Daredevil Magician will be working his close-up magic for the Asia Pacific Breweries road show in Hougang in the afternoon and then heads over to do a stage show for an organization’s special gala event in the evening.

Adeline AKA Kinetic Gal has had the most taxing week this week. Amidst family commitment, she has been running about doing her kids shows as well as professional close-up magic shows. As mentioned in a previous entry, Adeline is gaining popularity as a close-up magician and is a welcomed addition to the industry so full of males. She was at the Jewel Box yesterday for another close-up gig for a corporate client.

This Friday, she will be at the Volkswagon showroom (Alexandra) for a launch of a new series of promotional events. She will be doing her magic & juggling show targeted at family audiences. After that show, she will link up with us for our illusion shows.

On Sat, she heads the team of four Concept:Magic Close-up Magicians who will be at a Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) roadshow at Bedok Central on both Sat & Sun. After a full day of close-up on Sat, she will join us at the Peranakan Museum for our “Illusions of the Mind” shows. On Sun, she will take a “break” in the middle of the day from close-up to perform at a kids events before heading back to the road show to finish up the close-up workshop gig.

For the WDA project, we have customized a variety of magic workshop effects that will be used to highlight WDA’s one-on-one mentoring training programs for skills development and advancement. I personally worked wih a few of the magicians and am confident that they will do a great job!

As you can see, it is a busy busy time… Cya on Sat at the Peranakan Museum! Remember, seats are limited and are on a first-come-first serve basis.

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