Close-up Magic in the Heartlands Supermarkets

Over the next couple of weeks, don’t be surprised to see Larry the Daredevil Magician performing close-up magic at your local supermarkets! He is representing Asia Pacific Breweries to promote their current beer promotions at supermarkets in the heartland neighbourhoods.

He is performing a series of customized magic effects to highlight the beer brands and the promotion. But, what makes Larry perfect for this environment, where others may find difficult, is his ability to connect with the heartland audience. His style, bilingual communication and light hearted presentations allow him to draw this demographic group to his presence.

Besides close-up performances, Larry is regularly performing his daredevil magic & escape show for events and is slowly being noticed by event organizers looking for a solid show that appeals to community and blue collar audiences. If you see him in your neighbourhood, be sure to say “hi”!

You can watch Larry’s promo vid for his stage shows on YouTube here or below:

Send your bookings and enquiries to


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