Two Professional Female Magicians Working the Same Event!

Who would have thought that we would have two professional female magicians performing at the same corporate event in Singapore? Five short years ago, that would have been unheard of! We did not have professional commercial magicians of the fairer sex then!

However, Concept:Magic provided our female talents for a corporate event in the form of Adeline Ng and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning.

Adeline was booked to perform interactive close-up magic for the guests during cocktails. She mingled with guests and entertained them with a variety of magic that she has been honing for the past 4 years.

A lot of you may know Adeline as Kinetic Gal, especially after her closing act at “The Urban Circus” earlier in the year. She heads up our Mighty Magic Factory, kids entertainment company and is fully booked each weekend with kids events and parties.

More recently, she has been adding close-up magic engagements for corporate events to her all-rounded portfolio. Many event companies and clients are more than happy to use a female performer amidst the abundant male magicians. With a growing client base and effective promotional video, I expect her bookings to grow exponentially in the months to come.

The event space and technical facilities for this particular event did not suit our usual illusion show but it was perfect for Ning’s “Deadly Sexy Magic” one-gal show. She was the main stage entertainment highlight of the evening and had the audience in raptured in attention from the time she hit the stage. Ning repeatedly proves why she is the top professional female magician in this part of the world with her distinctive presentation style, sexy poise and “deadly, sexy magic”!


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