How did we come up with “The Aerial Exit”?

So, many people have asked how we came up with the concept of “The Aerial Exit”.

Even before we confirmed “The Aerial Exit” as our 8th mega illusion, we knew that we would be doing some kind of visual mega-scale effect. We did the 4D lottery prediction at the beginning of the year that was different from anything else we had done before. That mega prediction was done for a few specific reasons that I cannot disclose now but suffice to say, it was done at the right place and right time.

So, we had about 3 concepts that we developed when we first started discussing the project with the National Heritage Board. Each mega illusion concept was radically different from the other. After internal discussion within our team and examining all aspects of the illusions (covering methods, effects, marketing, publicity), we arrived at what is now called “The Aerial Exit”.

We knew we needed very distinguishing features in the mega illusion to make it better and different from anything we had done before. We also did not want do anything similar to what has been done before in the world.

So, elevating the illusion was the first thing we did. It was a technical challenge but a necessary one. The elevation is what literally takes the illusion up another level. With some of our previous illusions, people had wild theories and speculations. For example, for the 50 Storey teleportation, some said there was a super sonic lift that brought me to the roof. For the teleportation of 3 people across the Singapore River, some said there was a secret tunnel. For our “Destination X” car teleportation, some speculated a hydraulic trapdoor built into the concrete ground and stage. We think the isolated and elevated illusion this time will dispel any of those theories.

The other feature is the fact that we will be making five untrained non-magicians vanish in the mega illusion. This was one reason why our “The Impossible Journey” teleportation was such a success. Personally, we also feel that making the people the focus of the illusion is in line with today’s social networking environment.

I think having the illusionist vanish is too expected and predictable. Everyone is familiar with an illusionist getting into a box and then raised off the ground and subsequently disappearing. Sometimes the rope that holds the box is set on fire or the box is rigged to blow up or drop. The savvy audience is very familiar with that plot. Criss Angel did this in MindFreak in a crate in Times Square. Incidentally, I think Franz Harary has the best version of this suspended crate vanish with his original design. You can watch a video of it by clicking the link below:

We are reinventing that illusion plot by attempting to do it with 5 people in full daylight while completely surrounded by spectators. Our entire set-up, elevation system and presentation will also be unique to us.

The original working title was “The Impossible Vanish”, an obvious title extended from our “Impossible” series of mega illusions. Ironically, the hardest part of the illsuion seem to be naming it! I had designed the entire illusion and we had worked out all the mechanics of the illusion but we did not have a satisfactory name. “The Impossible Vanish” just did not have the “kick” and did not convey the most important aspect of the mega illusion – the fact that it would be done up in the air. Eventually, with the help of the whole team brainstorming, we came up with the uber-cool “The Aerial Exit”. Incidentally, the name was conceived back stage at the F1 concert stage where we were providing technical illusion support with Franz Harary!

If you have not seen it, check out the teaser trailer for the mega illusion. You can watch it below or on YouTube here.

Five people will VANISH.

Do you want to be ONE of them?

Full details on how to one of the five + contest can be found here.


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