“THE AERIAL EXIT” – Five People will Vanish. Do you Want to be One of Them?

On 12 Dec 2010, Sun at 5pm, we are going to stage our 8th mega illusion, “The Aerial Exit” – a mega illusion in the air!

This the grand finale to the 2010 “Explore Singapore” campaign by the National Heritage Board, which Ning & I are the faces for. This never-been-attempted stunt will be held at the Asian Civilizations Museum by the Singapore River.

This is exactly what we are going to attempt. We are going to take 5 members of the public, elevate them 20 ft in the air and make them vanish completely. As with all our mega illusions, spectators can watch the illusion from any angle, location or position.

If all goes well, the 5 people will literally make an “Aerial Exit”!

If you want to be one of the 5 people to vanish into thin air for “The Aerial Exit”, submit your particulars online at www.museums.com.sg/es10. The National Heritage Board will choose 5 lucky people to be part of this historic mega illusion.

As with our previous 7 mega stunts, we personally define a mega illusion as a large-scale illusion spectacle that involves a large or iconic object or venue and/ or covers a large area or distance. Most importantly, it is performed for a live audience and in an uncontrolled environment.

For “The Aerial Exit”, we chose to move the focus of the mega illusion from the illusionists to the people. In this age of user-generated content and social media, we knew that people and the participants are the key to make the illusion appeal to the public and the media. This was the element of our “The Impossible Journey” mega illusion that made it so successful. The fact that the 3 people who teleported across the Singapore River were 3 shoppers from Central (the mall who sponsored the venue) made the illusion unique.

The next feature that makes this mega illusion unique and even more challenging for us is that we have chosen to attempt to vanish the 5 people while they are elevated in the air. When we did all our previous teleportations, there were suggestions of secret tunnels and hydraulic trapdoors. By elevating the 5 people up into the air, it eliminates any possibilites of these suspicions.

We chose to do the mega illusion in the evening so that there would still be natural light. This ensures no one thinks we are attempting to accomplish the mega illusion under the cover of darkness and shadows.

So, 5 people, elevated in the air, surrounded by spectators in full daylight… it does not get more challenging than that!

From the magic technical standpoint, all the stipulations we have put on “The Aerial Exit” makes it a technically very difficult to execute. The 5 people will be standing on a platform measuring only 6ft x 6ft in area size. Illusionists and illusion designers will know the limitations this small size has on a method. The rigging for the elevation into the air for safety, stability and illusion-worthiness was also a design challenge

Join our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jcsum.magicbabening to win exclusive prizes in our upcoming contest! Also mark your attendance for “The Aerial Exit” at the Facebook event page here.

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2 Responses to “THE AERIAL EXIT” – Five People will Vanish. Do you Want to be One of Them?

  1. Keegan says:


    Can I take a photo with Magic Babe Ning during/after the performance?

    Thank you


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