2011 Promo Photo

Every year, we take new photos to keep things fresh and to reflect our evolving style and personalities. A few weeks ago, we shot our new promo photo and here is a look at the final product.

More than ever, this photo reflects the feel of our new show and direction. The change in costume, intensity and mood are accurate reflections of what we intend to evolve towards in the new year.

The road we are standing on is symbolic of the new journey in illusion content that we have developed. Ning & I spent weeks thinking and planning the shot. This was actually not our first choice. The first choice was scrapped due to practical reasons at this time but we might use it in future. But, overall, we are really pleased with this shot!

The photo will also be used as the foundation for the poster of our brand new illusion show. While this show officially launches in 2011, we are staging sneak previews for the public very soon.

Stay tuned for details that will be revealed very shortly!


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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