Vote for Magic Babe to be LG Mobile Asia’s Next Ambassador!

‘Magic Babe’ needs your magic to help her be LG Mobile Asia’s Next Ambassador!

She is in the running for being their ambassador and she will be making “diary entries” every week. She needs your votes to win!

Here is one example of her “diary entries”. Watch it below or on Youtube here.

Here is how you vote!

Login to Facebook and join to vote for ‘Magic Babe’ Ning to be your LG Optimus One Ambassor!

 Click on “Life’s Good” and look for Ning’s profile! Vote for her different “dairy entries” or vote for ALL!

You can vote daily (one vote for the same entry every 24 hours) and stand to win yourself the actual smartphone!

I’m so proud of Ning for building her personal brand to the point of getting on the radar of mainstream social consciousness and organizations. This year alone, she is the ambassaor for the “Power Over Cervical Cancer” campaign,” Coke Zero and now chosen as a possible candidate for LG Mobile Asia.

We are designing some cool videos for her diary over the weeks so check it out!


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