IBM Ring 115 60th Annivesary Gala Show

This Sunday, Ning & I shared the stage with other International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 115 members for the 60th Anniversary Gala Show.

The last time I performed for an IBM Ring 115 stage show was in 1996 at the DBS Auditorium. I still remember vaguely what I performed and I can assure what I performed with Ning was completely different.

In retrospect, I must say that the overall quality and standard of magic has vastly improved since 1996 with new and better produced acts presenting. However, I do feel there is too much similarity in many of the acts that makes it hard for the general audence to appreciate the uniquess of each magician. Props, themes and effects are repeated over several acts that can be perceived by the general audience that magicians seem to perform the same things.

Ning & I made extra effort to ensure our material would be completely different from anyone else’s and more importantly, we were there to have fun. After all, a large part of the audience were people who knew us or knew of us.

The venue had multiple constraints and is not really suitable for a theatrical show like this. There is hardly any theatrical lighting and the lighting board did not allow for any type of coloured lighting configuration. There was no loading capabilities into the auditorium so there was no way to bring any of our standard illusions into the show. But, we still managed to design an act that we were proud of.

We opened with our “Human Light Tunnel” illusion.

To differentiate ourselves from the rest, we took our magic to the audience! We had a great time bantering with the audience and a lucky kid walked home with $50!

Finale pose for “Body Through Steel”

We closed our set with our seldom-seen original “Origami Tear” routine that combines my love for sleight of hand magic with Ning’s passion for the Japanese art of Origami. It is a sincere heartfelt piece that is a departure from our regular “wham bam” visual illusions.

Our use of the back light (which we brought) and the lighting design that Ade produced for this piece really warmed up the stage. You can see the constrast in “warmth” with this photo and the others. I really like this shot!

Ning, Joys & I with ventriloquist, Joseph Then, who brought the house down with “Harry the Horse”.

After the show, we met with friends and fans for photographs, autographs and chit-chat.

Kudos to the Ring 115 organizing committee for putting in the effort for a great one-day convention in conjunction with its 60th anniverssary. We had a great time and our Concept:Magic crew did an excellent job supporting our act in a venue with limited facilities.


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