Choosing “The Aerial Exit” Mega Illusion #8

I wrote about the designing of our upcoming mega illusion, “The Aerial Exit” here. But, I did not elaborate how we narrowed down to this particular illusion and decided on it. So, here is some insight into our process.

“Teleportation” illusions have become a signature of ours. I guess we are the first illusionists in modern history worldwide to push the envelope in presenting different teleportation mega illusions. Over the years, we have staged 3 mega-scale teleportation illusions including: “The Impossible Teleportation”, “The Impossible Journey” and “Destination X”.

These various teleportations saw us teleport 50 stories in 5 seconds, teleporting 3 people across the Singapore River and teleporting a full-sized car cross country.

Ning made her mark on the magic world and media when she successfully escaped from “The Impalement Cage”. This was South East Asia’s first mega escape performed by a female magician and it redefined modern dangerous escapes from spikes because it was the world’s first FULL VIEW escape. This is what differentiated her escape from anything else done in the world. A majority of dangerous escapes cover the audience’s view of the performer. Either the performer climbs into a box or container or is hidden from view by a cloth curtain.

She repeated another dangerous escape in “Inversion” where she did an upside down suspended strait jacket escape while blindfolded. What made this one unique was that no safety lines were used. Some criticized it as a reckless choice but it was calculated and planned to minimize risk. Again, this was done in full view.

We surprised people with two unique concepts with “The Impossible Record” world record magic act and “The Impossible 4D Prediction” lottery prediction.

These two mega events were different from anything else we did and resonated very well with the public and media. A lot of buzz was generated because it showcased innovativeness in developing the “mega illusion” concept beyond a mega illusion.

With all that in mind and considering that “The Impossible 4D Prediction” was our most recent in Jan 2010, we knew that we wanted to “go back to our roots” in terms of a mega illusion, so no special records or predictions this time. We know that “teleportation” illusions are what got people noticing us in the first place, so wanted to go “vintage” so to speak.

We decided against an escape because we think this stunt has been a tad overdone by magicians and escape artists all over the world and will not showcase the innovativeness and freshness we are known for.  Magicians like Criss Angel have been pushing the boundaries of such escapes with their dangerous escapes in recent years and honestly it is difficult to top those extravagant stunts. Without a truly unique escape, any escape would just look like an inferior copy. Besides, we have already set the bar here with Ning presenting two modern escapes in the last 2 years. Another escape would have been overkill especially when we are illusionists and not escape artists.

While we toyed with different teleportations, we utlimately decided against another teleportation as we have done 3 and 3 is a golden number. But, we wanted something that would bring the essense of that type of act to the forefront. We think we have succeeded with “The Aerial Exit”. So, I guess, one way of describing our 8th mega illusion is that it is a teleportation without being a teleportation but we have literally raised the bar higher for ourselves in this mega illusion. When we reveal the details, you will actually see that we took the best elements of our previous teleportations to come up with a brand new act that will be even more “impossible”, if that is possible in the first place!

Details will be announced in a few short weeks! I know the anticipation is building 🙂


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