Close-up Magic Teleportation from Yours Truly

Here is a clip of a routine I actually designed for TV as well as my stage shows when I have video support. It is also the opening routine (within the context of a larger act) for my formal Close-up Magic Show!

Watch it below or on YouTube here.

This particular coin plot or version of “Coins Across” is (now) known as “3 Fly”, popularised by Chris Kenner and created by Jonathan Townsend (“Visible Coins Across”). While many have seen my “in-the-hands Coins Across”, this is the first time I have released my “3 Fly” (dubbed “Silver Teleportation”) publicly on video.

When the “3 Fly” craze was going on in the magic world, I completely ignored it and refused to participate. I never was one to jump on the bandwagon and do what others were doing. I saw many but did not like the handlings. Mainly because there were a lot of unnatural transfers and some confusion in the routines due to the technical methodologies.

So years later, I started to explore the concept and devised a handling that worked for me. Specifically, direct and one-directional in presentation. I’ve “fooled” most magicians who I shown it to because of the directness and seemingly straight forward handling. Plus, it is “Vernon-istiquely” natural. I think the final vanish (a stumbling block for many routines) is an elegant solution to the “3 Fly” problem and I am pretty proud of it.

This version is a prelude to my “in-the-hands Coins Across” as part of a greater routine in my formal close-up show.  A number of lucky people are going to see the show by end of the year. This show is literally 17 years in the making and I have been working on it seriously on the side for the past year. Honestly, it is the most work I’ve put into a close-up show. More on it later 🙂


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