Magic Duo in The New Paper, 9 Oct 2010

Ning & I were pictured and quoted in today’s issue of The New Paper.

Several weeks ago, Ning & I were interviewed by The New Paper on our thoughts of the magic scene in Singapore. We gave our frank views and attributed the rise in popularity of magic in Singapore due to the ease of learning magic online, watching magic performances on Youtube and magicians on TV such as Criss Angel, Lu Chen and Cyril.

We are honoured that The New Paper as well as the President’s of both the International Brotherhood of Magicians and Singapore Magicians Society credited us for contributing significantly to magic in Singapore. Incidentally, both Presidents’ names are John Teo – talk about a coincidence!

We are really proud to be in a position to set the bar and break glass ceilings for magic in Singapore and this part of the world. Thanks so much to the organizations that believed in us especially for our milestone mega events that helped put Singapore on the world magic map! While someone once referred to us as “patrons of magic” in Singapore, we think we are way too young and have not done enough just yet. We think we have definitely nudged magic to the mainstream here but we still have a couple more “revolutionary” ideas up our sleeves 🙂

I just realized that Ning was featured in The New Paper virtually one year ago on 10 Oct 2009 for her Merlin Award!


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