Mega Illusion #8 – THE AERIAL EXIT

Our latest mega illusion is named “The Aerial Exit”!

This is going to be an awesome first-of-its-kind mega illusion in the air! That’s right! We are literally taking our 8th mega illusion to another level.

Congrats to all the people who picked the right answer for our Facebook contest! We will randomly pick one winner for the Franz Harary Magic DVD set real soon!

We developed the original concept for the mega illusion for another project that did not go through in 2009. We pitched is to the National Heritage Board and they loved it! The illusion was tweaked to fit the environment and details were finalized to who the entire mega illusion will be presented, including the pre-illusion proceedings. We actually came up with two other ideas before deciding on “The Aerial Exit” after intense brainstorming and discussions internally.

So, you might be wondering… what exactly is this “Aerial Exit” mega illusion? The exact nature of the mega illusion as well as the date & location will be announced in the weeks to come! But, I can tell you this, it will be near water and the venue can easily take a few thousand people. We have never staged a mega stunt at this exact location before.

This is our effort to continue to push the envelope of illusion innovation and try to top our previous stunts. This latest mega illusion is truly unique with completely different elements from anything else we have done before. It fulfils all our requirements of a mega illusion in terms of scale, being staged in an uncontrollable environment and surrounded by spectators. In fact, this could possibly be our most challenging of all our mega illusions because of the “test conditions” placed on the illusion.

In addition, the technical design of the mega illusion is different from anything we have done before because it is in the air. Structural support, specialized rigging, material choice, build method and safety redundancies had to be factored into the design.

Whoo… this is really exciting!

Stay tuned… because there is even more in store beyond the mega illusion!


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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