New Mega Illusion Facebook Contest

Our last contest had only one person with the correct guess so we thought we would make this one really easy… or at least we think it is easy.

Soon, we will be staging our 8th mega illusion for the National Heritage Board ( ), we would like you to guess what you think the mega illusion is called.

A) The Impossible Teleportation

B) The Impalement Cage

C) The Aerial Exit

D) The Vanishing Meatballs of Death

E) Walking Through the Mona Lisa

Post your guess on by 2 Oct 2010, Sat midnight.

The contest is opened to friends worldwide! 

Franz Harary has kindly sponsored the prizes for this contest. The prize will be a US$150 DVD product hamper that will include Franz’s 12-episode Magic Planet series, Enigma Tech, The Promos (that includes an awesome new chapter on a visit to a professional Las Vegas illusion workshop) and a T-Shirt!

Good luck!


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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