Hanging out with Franz Harary at the F1 Singapore Grand Prix Padang Stage

Congrats to Fernando Alonso for winning the F1 Singapore Grand Prix!

The loud roars of the the F1 are now over and road conditions will be back to normal! Yay! Singaporeans have had disruptive traffic for months with the National Day Parade + rehearsals, NDP itself, Youth Olympic Games and now F1. Next time we will have road diversions will likely be New Year’s Eve. I think our roads are closed literally one month in a year!

Anyway, we had our own fun at the F1 Singapore Grand Prix this year. Franz Harary, a US illusionist and illusion designer, called me a couple of weeks ago to work on a project for an event that was taking place at the Padang Concert Stage. I typically do not work with other illusionists on the same projects, especially if we are not performing but I can’t say ‘No’ to Franz. He was not performing either but was providing illusion support for one of the events for the F1. So, we were essentially “booked” by Franz to provide illusion hardware and technical support.

Besides working with Franz, I thought it would be a great experience for the team to work on the F1 concert stage with some of the international music stars. The crew that worked on this show was Larry and Adeline who loaded in the gear on Friday and blocked through the rehearsals. I joined them later to make sure everything was in order.

On show day (Sat), Ning, Larry, Adeline and myself were backstage at the Padang concert stage. We had “Entertainer” and backstage passes that got us everywhere we wanted.

I must say that the logistical organization for the Padang concert stage was excellent. I was very impressed by the coordination and readiness of the F1 staff and crew to help. Kudos to them for that as the event is a mammoth one and there is so much ground to cover.

Here we are backstage before the illusions hit the stage.

The always beautiful Ning and myself in front of my original illusion “Blinded”

Larry  & Adeline with our illusion trunk

I think Larry & Ade must be the most experienced illusion crew in Asia. They have supported our illusion shows for hundreds of live events & TV shows locally and overseas, all our mega illusions, “Ultimate Magic” for 13 months and worked alongside international acts. Ade is currently the most formally educated in technical theatre, lighting and sound, having been through professional courses at The Esplanade, Singapore’s premier arts centre. They are invaluable to us and even Franz highlighted to me (repeatedly) how loyal and capable they are.

Showtime with our illusions

We had a great time hanging out with Franz outside of the show. I got to talk illusions, designs and the business with him & shared insight on the current TV and show market. Incidentally, Franz is sponsoring the prizes for our next mega illusion Facebook contest (coming this week)! Check out and join our page at www.facebook.com/jcsum.magicbabening for details! Thanks Franz!

Oh, I have also updated my review of Franz’s DVDs Magic Planet and Enigma Tech. You can check it out at Ning’s sexy Magic Boutique review blogsite here.


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