Last Call for Mega Sale Items from Magic Boutique

Ning’s sexy “Magic Boutique’s Mega Sale” has been a tremendous hit with 75% of the items sold already, many in the first day! But, I’m personally surprised that no one has yet to grab these really good items:

If you have ever seen Daryl’s FISM winning “Ambitious Card” routine, his finish is a killer. Essentially, the deck is wrapped up with a length of rope and the card is inserted into the center. Amazingly, the card is shown to be at the top of the deck. “The Riser Deck” is an updated design on this incredible finale without the rope. All you need is a card case and the enclosed deck. It is completely self-contained!

“Captured” is Justin Miller’s version of best cap in bottle effect and is considered the best ever created! It is very visual, bold and a great piece of street magic.

Katsuya Masuda is the creator of WOW and “Dramatic Envelope” is an incredible card prediction effect by one of Japan’s most creative magicians.

“Poker Tells” was one of the hits at Devin Knight’s recent lecture tour. It is diabolical piece of mentalism that is also a great education in a little used principle in mentalism. I’m really surprised this is still available!

You might still be able to get these items for a huge discount here.

The sale ends this Wed and once the sale is over, these items will not be available at this price any more.


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