The Most Extensive Shells Review for the “3 Shell Game” Ever!

I first started working on the “Three Shell Game” in 1994 when I got my first set of real walnut shells from Davenports. I developed a strong routine with ideas from Giovanni, Phil Cass, Patrick Page and Gary Ouellet. Over the years, I added poker chips (ala Bob Sheets) and the giant shells finale.

I have performed the  the routine extensively for tradeshows, hospitality events and parlour-setting private parties. Currently, they are part of my “Close-up & Underground” show that is a formal close-up show.

This was a pet project of mine for the past few months and I thought I would share a review of shells that are currently available on the market (as of this writing, Sep 2010). This review was originally supposed to be part of my “Close-up & Underground” lecture notes but after completing the review I felt it would be a waste if this resource was not available to everyone.

As I have no commercial interest in any of the manufacturers, this is an impartial review of a variety of shells that I have personally owned and worked with since 1994. While I did not have a chance to review every single shell set on the market, I do cover the most popular shells available.

The shells are all photographed under the same lighting conditions and camera so the colours can be seen in consistent relation to each other.

You can read the full review HERE on our Sexy Magic Reviews blogsite from Magic Boutique.

Share it with all magicians!


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